If you’re concerned that someone in your life is struggling with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, grooming, and other things, or probably needs time off from caring for a child or an adult, Love Thy Neighbor Home Care Services explains three easy common signs that necessitate the need for in-home personal care assistance.

1. Weight loss of the Elderly/ Child
While small weight fluctuations are normal, especially during or after an illness, significant weight loss can be a cause for concern. This could signal difficulty with buying groceries or preparing meals. If this is the case, your loved one may not be getting the proper nutrition that is so important for seniors and children to maintain good health. Sometimes lack of appetite may be due to underlying anxiety or depression as well. A caregiver offers not only assistance with daily activities like meal preparation but also reassurance and an uplifting presence in the home.

2. Lack of Personal Hygiene
If you begin to notice your loved one has bad breath, body odor, or seems to be lacking personal hygiene it may be a sign that they need assistance for their personal needs. A caregiver can ensure they are bathing regularly, brushing their teeth, and taking care of personal hygiene and grooming.

3. Missed Medications
If they are missing doses of medications, this could be dangerous for their health, and may need assistance to avoid health complications caused by missed doses, or even accidental overdoses. A caregiver can help ensure the medications are taken timely and accurately.

So let’s say, you pay your loved one a visit to their home. You find them looking healthy and bubbly, but when you open the fridge to fetch a drink, you find expired foods. Elsewhere, laundry is piling up and generally, the environment is cluttered. Hire a caregiver for them.
Love Thy Neighbor Home Care Services is a comprehensive home care agency licensed by the Georgia Community Health Department. Contact us today to see how our compassionate, dedicated caregivers can help your loved one enjoy the comforts of home with the confidence provided by expert-level care.
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