Dehydration: Symptoms & Treatment

Dehydration is one of the more common results of heat exhaustion and the one people are most familiar with and guard against. Simply put, it occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes in. This throws the body into a state of imbalance which, if left untreated, could lead to death.

Causes of dehydration include:
→ Fever
→ Heat exposure
→ Vomiting
→ Diarrhea

Signs of dehydration are:
→ Dry mouth
→ Dark urine
→ Lethargy
→ Headache
→ Dizziness
→ Lack of tears and sweat

Meanwhile, more severe cases of dehydration may experience:
→ Dry skin and shriveling
→ Low blood pressure
→ Fever
→ Increased heart rate
→ Unconsciousness Treatments

The treatment for dehydration is similar to that of heat exposure in that it is important to keep the person cool and re-hydrated. Get familiar with the warning signs and tips to avoid dehydration in seniors to be able to catch it early. As such, it is important to offer water or drinks infused with electrolytes in order to replace ant that were lost.

After understanding some of the causes, there are many tips that you can due to prevent dehydration. Some helpful tips include:
→ Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink.
→ Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption since those drinks tend to be dehydrating
→ Stay in cool areas and limit your exposure to sun especially in high heat index days
→ Make sure your diet includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is important for the elderly to guard against dehydration since their health is extremely fragile.

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